How to Help?


Most people who live in the Western world are not aware how lucky they are to be born in this part of the world. Money does not grow on tree and the majority of people have to work very hard to earn enough to support their families, however, most people in Africa and other Third World countries work just as hard or even harder and still do not earn enough to feed their families. And in most cases, this is just because they were born in the “wrong” part of the world. But you can help. Here is how:

  1. Donate. A lot of charity organizations are working on the field with the people who are not as fortunate as us. They do not just distribute food, however. They are building schools, vaccinate children, lead campaigns to stop the spread of HIV and a number of other programmes which help the most vulnerable communities to build a brighter future. But to be able to do that, they need funds and every donation no matter how small helps. Donations can be part of birthday presents. Organizations which are particularly active in Africa and other Third World countries include Save the Children, Action Against Hunger, the Red Cross, UNICEF, the UN World Food Programme, Oxfam, Doctors Without Borders, to mention only a few.

  2. Sponsor a child. With just a few pounds per month, you can provide one child in Africa or other Third World country with an access to clean water, food, basic health care and education. Organizations which run child sponsorship include Save the Children, World Vision, Abaana, Action Aid, Bernardo’s and many others.

  3. Volunteer. You do not have to travel overseas to be able to help people in need. You can become a volunteer of one of many charity organizations nearby and help raise funds, organize campaigns or contribute to the effort to help people in Africa and other Third World countries with your knowledge. Running a charity organization involves lots of work and everyone who is willing to help in any kind of way even if it is only answering the phone is welcome.

  4. Talk about it. Most people are very compassionate but many are unaware of the seriousness of the situation in Africa and other Third World countries. They appear in media only when there is a coup, a military conflict or serious humanitarian crisis. People there, especially children, however, are struggling to survive every day no matter if they are in the news or not. If you persuade only one person to contribute to the fight against hunger according to their abilities, you have helped at least one person in need.

  5. Buy fair-trade products. People in the Third World countries are paid miserably for their labour and often do not earn enough to feed their families. Fair trade movement promotes better trading conditions, fair payment for labour, healthy working conditions and other producer’s rights we take for self-granted in the West. By spending a few pounds more on fair-trade products, you will contribute to the effort for equal opportunities.